Rexxer - ECU Tuning Specialist
Unleashed your power
What is Rexxer?

ECU flashing for motorcycles has now brought forward a whole new concept in engine management. It is the most economical way to improve you're performance. With this concept we simply plug into you’r own ECU and download the required map. We are able to offer advice on a range of options that will enhance the flash to give you the best performance. It is recommended to have a full sports exhaust system or aftermarket slip on mufflers and a high flow air filter to give the maximum performance. No bolting on of a control box and wiring to regulate fuel control. The RexXer is designed to (give real time fuel and ignition control)

The RexXer will deliver to you a smoother engine ,better throttle responce ,more Torque and Horspower, no more snatching at lower RPM and minimal popping of the exhaust if any on the overrun.|
With some flash loads with the later model motorcycles we are also able to
§ Personalise the digital interface of your dash on start up
§ Switch off and remove the lambda sensors from the exhaust system
§ Removal of the exhaust valve function
§ In some instances increase the rev limiter