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RexXer have now released the Panigale performance maps.One for the Standard and slip on Muffler and one for the 70 millimetre header pipe, both maps have the Lambda and exhaust valves switched off
We are pleased to announce that we are able to switch off the Lambda sensors and exhaust valve on all Ducati and now the new Ducati Multistrada 1200, and the new Ducati Diavel 1200.

BMW Performance mapping
We are also pleased to announce we are now able to redesign late model BMW Boch ECU, switching of the Lamba sensor and exhaust valve and building a performance map to suit your BMW

Aprilia  Performance mapping 
We are also pleased to announce we are also able to design a performance map for your late model Aprilia switching off your Lambda sensor and exhaust valve, increasing Torque,H.P and performance

MV Agusta Performance mapping
We are happy to announce we are able to design performance map with your upgrade exhaust system of your choice ,switch off the lambda sensor and deliver more torque torque in the lower Rev range and increase performance

Motor Guzzi   Performance mapping
We are also pleased to annnounce that we also can switch of the lambda sensor on all models of Moto Guzzi and design a performance map with any aftermarket exhaust system of your choice giving you more Torque and better performance 

Moto Morini  Performance mapping
Mapping for Moto Morini with standard and performance systems, providing some good torque and engine performance from these models using the RexXer