Rexxer - ECU Tuning Specialist
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Services Provided

We provide a wide range of ECU related services to cater your bike need. Do visit us or contact us to received our high quality services as per below:

1. ECU remap/reflash/tuning (At premiss or you can send your ECU via post)
2. ECU remap/reflash/tuning on customer site ( extra charge apply)
3. Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS) Reset
4. Reading and erase ECU fault code
5. Reset service mileage reminder (for certain bike only, please refer to our link)
6. Reset ECU adaptive parameters
7. Remove lambda sensor and exhaust valve
8. ECU repair
9. Reset immobilizer
10. Immobilizer permanently elimination

There are 3 ways to remap/reflash your ECU.
1. Come to our place and get it reflash
2. Send your ECU using postal service and we send it back using post
3. We come to your place